Economy Hosting

Perfect for your brochure website

Simple Website Hosting

If your website is crucial for your business function, take a look at my Managed Hosting page.

However, for simple static websites, such as a standard brochure (About Us, Our Products, Contact, etc.), my Economy Hosting package may be more cost-effective.

This package is what's typically known as Shared Hosting in the industry, which essentially means your website shares a server with many other websites.

If another website on that server suddenly becomes very busy, your website may suffer.

This is usually the small print that large hosting companies won't shout about. In my time I've witnessed hosting companies squeeze over 10,000 websites onto a single server!

I don't personally put that many websites on a single server, at most your website will be sharing resources with up-to 100 other websites, but the risks are still present.

If you would rather have dedicated resources, that can not be affected by any other website, my Managed Hosting service may be more suitable.

Economy Hosting Pricing

For just £24 a month, your website will be hosted within my dedicated platform (backed by a multi-national data-center provider) and benefit from nightly backups as standard.

Get in touch at to discuss further.

Alternatively, give me a call on +44 (0) 161 6600 955.