Managed Hosting

Maintaining your server platform and web applications

Affordable Managed Hosting for Small Business

A fully managed hosting solution isn't just for the likes of Facebook, Amazon, or BMW.

Every business that has a website, or operates online needs a resilient managed solution for their IT infrastructure, whether you choose to employ someone full-time "in-house", or hand the responsibility to a seasoned professional like me.

The first question to ask yourself is, "what would I do, or who would I call, if my website went offline?"

Perhaps more worrying, "how would I even know?"

I look after everything - literally everything.

The only thing you should be worrying about is running your business.

Monitoring 24/7/365


I maintain a suite of monitoring services to ensure I always know how your website and servers are coping with the stresses and strains of Internet users, along with the countless attacks being attempted every day.

My platform retains 5 years worth of historical traffic data. This not only allows me to see what happened at any point in the past, but also helps me to predict how things will cope in the future, helping you to prepare.

This forward planning is often critical, ensuring your website and server don't suddenly crumble under the pressure.

Services Monitored

The initial/obvious things that I monitor are related to the physical server:

  • Is it online?
  • Disk space
  • Memory usage
  • Load/stress

In addition, it's common to setup specific health-checks for your website, including:

  • Loading the homepage.
  • Add a product to the basket.
  • Sign up as a "test" user.

Managed Hosting Pricing

For your complete peace-of-mind, my 24/7/365 service starts at just £150 per month (roughly $190), for a single server/website.

This includes unlimited "call-outs" which I receive via SMS, should anything ever go bump in the night.

Also included in the price is one hour of support, to cover fixing any temporary issues immediately.

The level of protection is the same whether you have a single server, or 100 servers, I monitor everything.

If you have more than one server, we'll discuss a plan to suit you.

Get in touch at to discuss further.

Alternatively, give me a call on +44 (0) 161 6600 955.