Liuks Consulting Ltd

Web consultant for small businesses and start-ups

Google AdWords Certified


I'm passionate about tech, and I do pretty much everything, from building the backbone of the Internet all the way to creating a modern website for the local window-cleaner.

After 17 years working in the web development industry, and having spent 4 years as Technical Director for a large online marketing agency, I now focus on working with start-ups and small businesses, helping to develop their products and improve how they work online.

After nearly two decades spanning several industries, I've built up extensive experience to help any type of business.

I know the Internet literally inside-out, building and managing websites on a daily basis, constantly monitoring and optimising my clients' products.

I do pretty much everything myself.

I never outsource software development to some far away land.

Last but not least, I'm based in the UK but work across many different timezones - I'm always "on-call", and always available.

IT Consultancy & Web Development

I can help with any tech-related issues, typically this falls under web design and development.

Designing and building "brochure" websites is more of a hobby; I tend to focus on larger web applications and scalable platforms.

Whether you need a more reliable solution to running your business, or you want to take over the world with a brand new concept, I can help.

If you're currently running your business via Excel, we should definitely talk!

For some examples of my work and experience, please see the Case Studies section.

Experience & Expertise

If it's related to tech, chances are I can handle it, and if not, I'll know someone who can.

My day-to-day work usually involves:

  • Building and configuring servers to host web applications.
  • Designing modern and responsive web sites.
  • Database design.
  • Back-end programming, in scalable languages, such as C, Java, Perl, etc.
  • Front-end designing and coding with HTML, CSS (typically Bootstrap) and Javascript (including jQuery).
  • Monitoring and optimising servers and platforms.

A lot of my time is spent re-writing websites and applications that were either botched together in WordPress, or written in PHP, Node, Ruby, or some other new language all the "cool kids" are using, yet isn't secure and won't scale.

Personally I prefer road-tested and mature languages, that I know will scale up when needed.

The Founder

I studied software engineering at Sheffield Hallam Univeristy in the UK and graduated with a degree in Computing Mathematics BSc (Hon) in 2002.

I've actually been programming since I was 7 years old, starting on a Commadore Vic-20, happy days!

With a degree in Computing Mathematics, I have a solid foundation in important concepts such as computational-complexity and artificial intelligence.

I've worked in a variety of industries, from online-recruitment, e-commerce, rental-subscriptions, to digital advertising.

I do everything, literally everything.